Samantha's Birthday

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Here are the pictures of Sam's 2nd birthday (our little Tinkerbell)...

Samantha's Birthday Party
Samantha at the dinner table. Sam's Tinkerbell cake.
Sam having happy birthday sung to her.
Sam blowing out her candles.
Sam opening a gift. Looking at another present.
Family and friends socializing.
Grandpa Gary playing in the sandbox with Skyler and Donovan. Grandpa Jerry and Great-Grandpa Hardy.
Great-Grandma Parrott and Uncle Steve. Sam's new dress up shoes and clothes.
Sam showing off her new dress up clothes.
Sam showing off her new dress up clothes and backpack.
Trying to see under her glasses. Sam pouring tea.
Sam having a taste. Sam in the yard.
Tyler watching Sam come up the steps. Another of Sam blowing out her candles... Thanks Aunt Noell!


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