Samantha's Birthday

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Here are the pictures of Sam's 3rd birthday gathering...

Samantha's Birthday Party

Sam opening her gift from Great-Grandma Parrott (who had to leave early). Sam seeing the first part of the present.
Sam going to have the card read to her. Great-Grandma reading the card to Sam while Steve listens.
Samantha's Barbie cake. Samantha's Cinderella cake - she was only getting one, but she saw both cake pans beforehand and had to have them.
Sam opening a gift from her family. Sam opening another gift from Great-Grandpa Hardy.
Sam opening up another gift. Sam showing off her present.
Sam opening up another gift. Sam checking out the present.
Sam still looking at the gift. Sam opening her final gift from us.
Sam looking at a card from Grandpa Jerry & Grandma Gail. Sam riding in on her present from Grandpa Gary & Grandma Terry.
Another picture of Samantha on her bike. Sam with her cakes.
Sam having "Happy Birthday" sung to her. Sam listening to everyone sing to her.
Another picture of Sam listening to our singing. Sam trying to blow out her candle after making a wish.
Sam successfully blew out the candle (after a few tries).


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