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Due to a change in schedules, we had Tyler's birthday party a week earlier than planned. Because of this, he got some of his presents on the 15th during the party and some more on the 17th, the day of his actual birthday. Please enjoy the pictures of Tyler's 5th birthday party...

Tyler's Birthday Party

Tyler attempted to carry the cake to the table, but it slid into his chin instead. Tyler enjoying having "Happy Birthday" sung to him.
Tyler giving the thumbs up to our version of the song. Tyler posing for a picture with his cake.
Tyler's Rescue Heroes cake. Tyler opening an Imaginext Pirate Raider toy from Jerry and Gail.
Tyler opening a card. Sam holding her Barbie doll with a new wedding dress on it.
Tyler opening another card. Rodney reading the card to Tyler.
Tyler opening his gift from Great-Grandpa Hardy. Tyler showing off that gift, a new fishing rod.
Tyler opening another present. Tyler rushing off to thank Erica and Donovan for the gift.
Tyler opening a present from Great-Grandma Parrott and Steve. Tyler showing off the shirt and underwear that they gave him.
Tyler opening a gift from his parents. Another present from Mom and Dad being opened.
Tyler showing of one of his presents from us. Tyler opening another card.

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