Drew's Birthday Party

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    On the 28th of January we held Drew's birthday party with family and friends. A big thank-you to all who could attend his special event.

Drew's Party

Drew ripping into his first present. Drew checking out his Potty Elmo.
Becky, Lily, Thomas, and Drew waiting for more presents. Drew checking out some new clothes.
Dwayne, Erica, and Donovan watching the presents being opened. Lily wandering around the living room.
Samantha and Veronica watching Drew. Drew checking out his new Goofy doll.
Drew opening up another present. Drew checking out his new Cadillac.
Thomas opening the present that he gave to Drew (Drew was feeling done by now). Everyone checking out the present that they just opened.
Drew's birthday cake. Drew and Tara during the "Happy Birthday" song.

    One toy has emerged as a clear favorite so far (although the bouncy horse that we gave him and the Cadillac truck have moved into a close second and third here the last couple of days)...

The Winner

Tyler on the Bounce & Go Coupe that he received from Jeff, Becky, Thomas, and Andrew.


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