Jayden's 1st Birthday

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    On December 9th we celebrated Jayden's first birthday with our family. She got to eat her own cake, and open her first presents (with a little - a lot actually - help from her brothers and sister). Overall, it was a fun evening for everyone. Thanks for those that could make it!

Jayden's First Birthday

Jayden's ice-cream cake. The cake for the adults...
...along with Jayden's personal cake (on the left with the others). Jay checking out the frosting while having "Happy Birthday" sung to her.
Jay reaching for the candle (don't worry, she didn't make it). Jay getting her first taste.
Jay digging into the frosting.
One more of Jay enjoying her cake. Drew telling me to take a picture of Jay and not him.
Marissa waiting for her piece of cake. Donovan talking to Tyler.
Samantha in her pajamas and makeup from her dance recital earlier in the day. The family handing out pieces of cake.
Jay standing and checking out the present that Drew has. Drew helping Jay open her present while Sam looks on.
Tyler watching Tara help Jay & Drew get the wrapping paper off. Tara holding up Jay's new dress while Donovan checks things out.
Tyler and Grandpa Gary watching Tara & Jay open another present.
Drew scoping out one of Jay's gifts. Jay playing in the tissue paper.


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