Jayden's Baptism

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I don't know if everyone remembers or not, but in the past we have had a slight problem remembering to bring our cameras to the baptisms. We did for Drew, and now we remembered for Jayden as well. She was baptized on June 9th at St. Rita's church.

Also occurring on the same day was Tyler's First Communion, and those pictures can be found here. After church we also held a combination gathering for Jayden & Tyler's big days, as well as a birthday party for Sam with the family. Those pictures can be found here.

Jayden's Baptism

Father Dave blessing Jayden with Aunt Erica, her godparent, holding her. The godparents, Dwayne & Erica, holding Jayden during the ceremony.
Erica holding Jayden while Father Dave pours the water over her. Father Dave holding Jayden up for the congregation to see.
Erica holding Jayden for Father Dave. Dwayne with the Baptism candle while Erica holds Jayden.
Dwayne, Jayden, Erica, Rodney, & Tara. Dwayne, Jayden, & Erica.
Tyler, Jayden, Rodney, Samantha, Tara, & Drew (crouching, but smiling!). Father Dave, Tyler, Jayden, Rodney, Samantha, Tara, & Drew (a bit cranky).
Tara, Jayden, Rodney, & Great-Grandma Beulah. Great-Grandpa William, Tara, Jayden, & Rodney.
Marissa, Gary, Drew, & Father Dave messing around during pictures. Gary, Tara, Jayden, Rodney, & Terry.
Steven holding Jayden. Dwayne & Erica with their children, Donovan & Marissa.
Jerry, Tara, Jayden, Rodney, & Gail. Gail, Jayden, Noell, & Great-Grandpa watching the gift opening.
Tara & Sam opening up Jay's gifts. Tara watching Sam hold up Jay's piggy bank.
Tara and Sam working on more of Jay's presents. Jay laying on the floor, working on learning to crawl.
Donovan and Jay on the floor together. He was trying to teach her how to crawl. Another picture of Jay. I know it is hard to tell, but she is up on all fours.


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