Game 4

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    Last weeks win did not carry over to today's game, as things were pretty sloppy for both sides. Tyler managed to get in on a couple of tackles in this game, even getting his name announced over the PA system for a tackle during a kickoff. Despite his improved tackling, the game was plagued by penalty flags and missed assignments. The end result was another loss, and a disappointed coach over the lack of attention paid to each players assignments during the game. The final score was Holly 14, Kearsley 27. Another reminder - Tyler is number 53 this year.

"Holly 3" vs. "Kearsley 2" - Game 4

Tyler lined up to receive a kickoff. Tyler waiting for the play to start from his cornerback position.
Tyler running to join in on the tackle. Another play where Tyler is chasing down the ball carrier.
Brett, the son of our friends. Brett's dad, Bill.
Tyler, way in the back of the picture, getting ready to make a play. Tyler waiting for play to start near the end of the game.
Tyler taking on a blocker. The final score, Holly 14, Kearsley 27.


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