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    The entire football league participated in a 4-hour scrimmage session on Saturday, August 25th. Tyler's sessions was from 12:00-4:00pm, but we were required to be there at 11:00am. Not to mention that it was an hour drive for us, and it made for a long day of football (I followed the scrimmage up with my fantasy football draft, but that is another story). Tyler did pretty well, playing cornerback on defense, and only a couple of plays on offense as an end. The team did fairly well also, but you can tell that there is a lot of kids playing football for the first time. So you can easily locate Tyler in the pictures, he wore red socks with white stripes at the top. As always, enjoy the pictures...

"Holly 3" - League Scrimmage

Tyler hitting a kid from Fenton. Go Tyler! Tyler lined up waiting for a play.
A close-up of Tyler on the field. Waiting for another play to begin.
We played against our friend Bill... ...and his son Brett (#27).
Drew had fun goofing off most of the day (here climbing between Tara's legs). Tyler running to the ball against Millington.
Tyler only played a few times on offense. Here he is in the center in a 3-point stance. Here Tyler is the middle player in white.
Tyler with a kid from Mt. Morris on the ground. Tyler watching a play from the sideline.
Tyler running after an opponent. Sam (in pink) and Drew (in gray) playing with some other kids.


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