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    After a full day of football and soccer games, we managed to make it to the St. John's Applefest Saturday afternoon. Tyler decided to go to a friends house instead, so he missed out on today's fun. We met up with Jerry & Gail, as well as Adam, Veronica, and Lilly. During the course of the days fun Samantha decided to spend the night at Jerry & Gail's to be able to play with Veronica. We went back the next afternoon to pick her up. Since we had tickets left over from the night before we also took Tyler (and the rest of the kids) back for some more fun. Drew really enjoyed himself - "Applefest is FUN" - as did the rest of us.

St. John's Applefest - Saturday, September 20th

Samantha and Rodney riding the Matterhorn together.
A couple more pictures of Sam and Rod riding. Sam was just a little too short to ride on her own.
Two more pictures of Sam and Rod riding. No, Sam isn't crying - she is just trying not to squish me as we go around and around.
A picture taken of Sam while on the ride. Sam trying not to slide in her seat.
Sam giving a wave to Tara. Sam having fun one more time.
Drew and Jayden inside a truck. Drew, Jay, Sam, and Veronica together.
Another picture of the four kids together. Lilly and Drew in a rocket to Mars.
Jay in her rocket ship.
Drew and Lilly once again. Veronica, Adam, Sam, and Gail in a line.

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