Bryce's Benefit

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    For those of you that check the site often or live in our general area and read the newspapers, you are probably already aware of the tragedy that struck our former neighbors - their 7-year old son Bryce passed away when he was struck in the head by a golf club by a friend. The children's theater group that he was involved in was nice enough to host a benefit "carnival" for his family. Tara & I took the kids (Tyler was unable to attend due to his trip to Cedar Point with a friend, but Sam took her friend Hailee with us) to enjoy the evening's fun.

Bryce's Benefit

Hailee and Samantha enjoying their dinner. Sam and Drew eating while Tara waits in line.
Drew and Jayden at the table. The indoor soccer field where the event was held.
Drew getting a guitar tattoo on his arm. Jay getting a heart tattoo on her arm.
Drew standing on the soccer ball. Drew and Jay playing in a little bounce house.
Drew and Jay playing in a little bounce house. Sam crawling inside a bounce house.
Drew driving around in Bryce's old monster truck. Jayden getting a ride in the truck.
Drew driving around on a tractor. Jay getting a ride in the truck.
Sam taking Jay down the slide. Sam and Hailee on the slide.
Drew inside a bigger bounce house.


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