Christmas Eve

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    We received a phone call a couple days before Christmas asking if Samantha would be interested in being Mary at church on Christmas Eve. It took some convincing, but she agreed to participate. The kids weren't really asked to do much more than walk up the aisle and talk to Father Dave during the sermon. She seemed to have fun, and of course Tara and I were proud she did per part. Unfortunately due to the crowd and church, we were unable to get many pictures to turn out and no video (which I was really hoping for).


Samantha (with her arm up near her face) playing the part of Mary.

    After church we managed to get the kids to stand together, without too much fuss, for a picture in front of the tree. (Sorry for the color quality - the lighting wasn't the best)

Family Picture

Jayden, Samantha, Drew, and Tyler standing together in their church clothes.
Another picture of Jay, Sam, Drew, and Ty in front of our Christmas tree.

    After dinner we decided to allow the kids to open one present that we had bough for them since they were dying to open at least one of them. We also gave them a present that we had hoped to use before bedtime (a gingerbread house, but we learned it takes longer than we had planned to build).

Christmas Eve at Home

Tyler, Jayden, Drew, and Samantha opening up the gingerbread house.
Tyler opening up his new Monopoly game while Jay looks on.
Samantha opening up her "Pixos" with Drew sitting nearby.
Drew checking out his new set of GeoTrax. Jayden opening her gift while Ty and Drew check it out.
Jay was really excited by her new "Little People" camper set.


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