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    We got together for our annual Christmas party at Dwayne & Erica's house on Sunday, December 14th. We had a dish to pass buffet style dinner and spent the afternoon socializing. Unfortunately we also had another party to attend today, so we weren't able to stay as long as would have liked. However, it was great seeing everybody who could make it!

Peters Family (Extended) Christmas

Dwayne, Donovan, and Tyler looking at football books. Drew and Marissa watched "Cars" in her bedroom.
The ladies gathered in the kitchen to socialize. Some of us hung out in the living room watching another wonderful Lions game. You can tell Nicole and Ashley were really into it.
The guys made the family room their hangout. They suffered through the football game here as well. Samantha, Lindsey, and Brady found a moment of peace and quiet while playing in the basement, however.


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