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    In our effort to convince Drew to become fully potty-trained we promised him a visit to Chuck E. Cheese's after he went a full week without accidents. He finally accomplished the feat after months of frustration on our part, so we held up our end of the bargain. On Friday, November 28th we took him and the other kids to dinner at Chuck E. Cheese's for fun and games.

    Tara and I both had our cameras out tonight. Here are my pictures...

Chuck E. Cheese's

Samantha, Jayden, and Drew waiting for the show to start on stage. Tyler, Sam, and Jay watching the show.
Sam playing one of the games. Drew playing the same game as Sam.
Tyler had his basketball game joined by a couple of kids. Tyler gathering up his tickets.

    And here are the pictures that Tara took...

Chuck E. Cheese's

Sam, Jay, and Drew talking at the table. Tyler and Sam watching the stage show.
Jay riding a horse-ride. Sam and Jay climbing on the play structure.
Jay and Sam in the play structure. Jay on a "Bob the Builder" ride.
Rodney helping Drew play a driving game. Sam playing a game.

    Finally, here are some pictures from the various rides and games at Chuck E. Cheese's...

Chuck E. Cheese's Scans

Tyler and Sam in a drawn picture. Tyler, Drew, and Sam in another drawn picture.
Jay riding in a car with Chuck E. Cheese that takes pictures.
Drew riding in the car with Chuck E. Cheese. Sam in the car with Chuck E. Cheese.
Tyler got his turn in the Chuck E. Cheese car.


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