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    Easter snuck up on us early this year, being less than a week after St. Patrick's Day and only a couple of days after the first day of Spring. We were woken up early this year by Tyler & Sam, who began stirring around 7:00am (which is earlier than they get up for school, and they are never anxious to wake up early for that!). We sent them back to bed, but then we couldn't get back to sleep, so around 8:15am or so we got up and started breakfast. The kids checked out everything in their baskets before we ate, then after breakfast searched for the Easter eggs. Here are some pictures of their baskets.

Easter Baskets

All of the kids baskets, along with the eggs they dyed. Jayden's basket, with a cash register and a purse.
Samantha's basket, full of Hannah Montana stuff (the guitar headset broke within the first hour!). Tyler's basket was full of Pokémon cards, a new baseball and bat (for coach pitch), and a Nintendo DS game.
Drew's basket had a new GeoTrax train and a box of tracks (we managed to lose a couple of pieces from his birthday set with a day or two of opening it). Here are the eggs that the kids dyed on the night before Easter.

    Later in the day we headed to Grandpa Jerry & Grandma Gail's house for dinner. While there, the kids were treated to another Easter egg hunt, this one outside. The younger kids got to search the front yard while the older ones hunted in the back.

Easter Egg Hunt

Drew showing off the first egg he found. Jayden wouldn't venture off the driveway or sidewalk (she freaked out when we moved her to the grass).
Sam, Adam, Veronica, & Tyler looking in the back yard. Drew waiting for someone to point out more eggs.
Sam complaining that the boys were hogging all the eggs. Drew found another one in the bush.


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