Gil & Noell's Wedding

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    On August 23rd, we officially welcomed Gil to the family as he married Noell. Drew was in the wedding as the ring bearer, and the other kids were pleased to get dressed up for the occasion (me... not so much). Sam was busy helping out the bride in the dressing room, so I was unable to get many pictures of her before the wedding.

Gil & Noell's Wedding

Drew looking mighty stylish in his wedding attire.
Drew standing next to his proud brother Tyler. Jayden showing off her dress.
Jay and Drew posing for pictures together.
Tara walking down the aisle during the ceremony. Drew walking down the aisle with his cousin Lilly.
Noell being given away by Jerry. Tara standing during the ceremony.
Noell & Gil during the wedding. Gil & Noell cutting the cake at the reception.
Tyler, Tara, Samantha, Drew, Jay, and Rodney trying to get a nice family picture.
Two more attempts at taking a picture where we all look decent.
Gil & Noell sharing their first dance. Jerry dancing with Noell.
Sam out on the floor dancing. Sam talking to Tara at the reception.


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