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    Even though Tyler and I were just here a mere 10 days ago, the lure of "Motor Muster" - a car show - was too much for me to resist. We loaded up the van with the wagon, a couple strollers, and packed a lunch and headed on down for a day of exploration and car watching. We were joined a little while later by my parents (Dad can't resist a car show either). Please enjoy the pictures of our day!

Greenfield Village Motor Muster

Samantha, Drew, and Tyler in front of the fountain outside the Greenfield Village entrance.
A barbershop quartet. A couple of finely dressed farmers working the old-fashioned way.
A hot-rod wagon - boy, did Drew badly want to try this out! A Pontiac Grand Prix.
Drew in front of a giant clay pot. Drew and Tyler in front of the clay pot.
Tyler got to take his turn at an old printing press - he couldn't come close to the 250 times per hour that was expected a long time ago.
The inside of the Firestone family barn. Drew walking around while Tyler and Tara enjoy their dinner.
An old time tow truck. A Chevrolet Corvair.
Another Corvair. An Oldsmobile Cutlass.
Yet another Corvair. A '63 Chevrolet Corvette.
An old car towing an old camper. A Chevrolet Chevelle.
A Pontiac 2+2. The Detroit & Mackinac train.

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