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    On Sunday, December 7th, we climbed into the van one more time this weekend to drive down to Greenfield Village to see and learn about Christmas's past. It was very interesting to see and hear about how things were a hundred years ago, and in some cases over 240 years ago! The best thing about going in the winter is that the crowds were extremely sparse, so we got plenty of time to learn from the people in each house.

Greenfield Village

Jayden, Samantha, Drew, and Tyler in a sleigh at the entrance to the Village.
The Firestone Family farm (yes, from tire fame) as seen walking down the roadway.
The Firestone Family Christmas tree. Birds sitting atop the doorway of the barn.
Drew, Ty, Sam, and Jay posing in front of the water wheel. The Wright brothers Christmas tree and presents. The display is set up to match an actual photo from their youth.
A Christmas tree in another of the many homes. The covered bridge.
Tyler, Drew, Jay, and Sammy in front of the bridge. An early fake Christmas tree - this one is made out of painted goose feathers.
Hanging greenery in the house with the fake tree. Tyler sitting on a bench in front of the plantation house.

    After we spent some time walking around Greenfield Village we headed into the Henry Ford Museum to see the train displays and to see the movie costume exhibit (no cameras allowed here though). The kids were able to pose for a picture in front of a green-screen. Here is what resulted from that experience...

Henry Ford Museum

Tyler, Drew, Jayden, and Samantha on their way to Oz.


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