2008 Home Changes

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    I am not sure why, but Tara has been on a kick to repaint the kids bathroom for quite some time now. She had a bunch of accessories picked out, but just recently switched over to the stuff she ended up using. With the bathroom being repainted, we finally decided to get the cabinet over the toilet painted as well (it has been hanging unfinished for as long as I can remember).

Kids Bathroom

Here are a couple of pictures of the bathroom in the hallway.
A close-up of the cabinet that Tara recently refinished.

    We also painted our master bedroom and bathroom this winter. It had not been painted since we moved in. We had purchased the rugs and stuff for the bathroom and bed accessories quite some time ago for this room, but I guess laziness kept us from getting it finished. We still need to get a picture or two on the wall and some kind of curtain up - the walls look pretty bland right now. That will come, though.

Master Suite

This is looking at the North wall, with the door and bathroom behind. Looking towards the windows. Notice the still pink blinds.
Looking at the interior wall between rooms. Our master bath, with the new rugs and stuff down.
Another view of the bath. I believe that the border will continue through here soon. The sink area. We put in a new light fixture in both this area in the bath area.
Another picture of the sink area, with the new towel hanger up.

    Finally, our dishwasher was slowly dying on us - it was getting incredibly loud and not cleaning very well any more. Goodbye income tax return, hello new appliances!

Kitchen Appliances

Tara's favorite - her new convection oven with warming drawer. The new fridge. I had to install a water line and trim the cabinet on the right.
The reason for the new appliances, the new dishwasher.


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