Jayden's Birthday

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    On Friday, December 5th, it was time to celebrate Jayden's second birthday. She was joined by her grandparents as well as other family members to celebrate.

Jayden's 2nd Birthday Party

Jayden's "Dora the Explorer" cake. Grandma Terry, Tara, Grandpa Jerry, Great-Grandpa Hardy, and Aunt Erva socializing.
Drew ready to rock. Jayden enjoying having "Happy Birthday" sung to her.
Jay wasn't so sure about blowing out the candles. Tara worked hard to convince her. Jay finally got it, with some urging from Tyler.
Tara reading a card to Jay. She was excited about the music. She thought it was pretty funny to rip the paper off.
Jay showing off her new dress from Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Gail. Tara reading another card while Jay opens the present.
Jay checking out the new doll from Great-Grandpa. Jay checking out the piggy bank from Grandpa Gary and Grandma Terry.
Jay with the new dolls from Uncle Dwayne, Aunt Erica, Donovan, and Marissa.
Jay peeking into the bag from Dad, Mom, Tyler, Sam, and Drew. Jay checking out the "Little People" castle we got her.


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