Game 1 - 05-03-2008

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    Before the games began today, the kids marched in a parade from the post office downtown to the ball fields. After the parade, the league took their group picture. I managed to get one picture of the team that turned out semi-decent.

Team Picture

The team picture on the field - Samantha is second from the left in the blue uniform, and Tyler is behind her to the right.

    After a lot of downtime between the parade and the first game, the season finally started. We got off to a slow start, but rallied late to pull out a 15-13 win. The coaches decided that Tyler was today's MVP for his efforts in the field and his clutch hit late in the game. For reference, Tyler is #9 and Sam is #6 this year.

Game 1 vs. Holly Foods

Samantha getting some position help from Coach Jason at the start of the game. Tyler ready for some action at first base in the first inning.
Sam trying for her first hit of the year. Tyler taking his turn at bat.


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