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    On January 2nd, Tyler and Samantha were allowed to have some friends over to break up the monotony of the long winter break from school (they had a full two weeks off). Tyler invited his friend Quincy, and Sam had over her friend Shelby. They spent some time playing indoors, but also went outside to play in the snowfall from the previous day.


Quincy, Shelby, Samantha, and Tyler in the snow. Tyler, Quincy, Sam, and Shelby on the deck.
Quincy with his snow beard. Tyler making his party-animal face.
Tyler and Quincy showing off their snowy faces. Sam and Shelby with their snowy faces.
Another picture of Sam & Shelby.

    After coming inside to enjoy some hot cocoa, Sam & Shelby tried out Sam's new hair coloring toy.


Sam and Shelby with their very colorful hairdos.


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