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    On Saturday the 7th we held Samantha's birthday party with our family. A special thanks to all who attended!

Sam's Family Birthday Party

A couple of pictures of the cake that was made by Grandma Terry.
Samantha counting the money she got from Kathy. Sam reading a card (and listening to the Hannah Montana theme song).
Sam reading another card. Grandma Gail holding up the dress she bought for Sam to wear to Noell's wedding.
Sam reading one more card. Sam showing off some of her new clothes.
Sam showing off another new outfit.
Holding up one more new set of clothes.
Sam holding up her new Hannah Montana case. Reading one more card.
The Hannah Montana case all folded up. The piñata that Donovan made in Spanish class and brought to the party.
Sam got the first hit at the piñata.
Donovan taking his turn at smashing it open. Tyler taking his swing.
Drew smacked it right in the middle. Marissa got her shot in as well.
Sam got another shot when nobody could get it to break. The cake being lit.
Sam having "Happy Birthday" sung to her.


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