Samantha's Field Day

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    I had the day off on Friday, May 23rd so I was able to attend Sam's field day activities at school. Here are some of the photos from that event.

Samantha's Field Day

Samantha shooting during a basketball game. Sam waiting her turn to shoot again.
Sam's teacher, Mr. Hutchins, rebounding the ball. Sam getting into her bag for the sack race.
Sam bouncing during the sack race. Sam pulling hard during the tug-of-war.
A close-up of Sam on the rope. Sam cheering on another team.
One more picture of Sam on the tug-of-war rope. Sam doing the limbo.
Drew watching the soccer event. Sam taking her turn dribbling the ball.
Sam during the egg race (they used a ball). Jayden watching Sam race.
Another picture of Drew at the field day. Sam running during the obstacle course.
Sam tossing the bean-bags into the ring - she got 10 out of 12.


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