Samantha's Haircut

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    Samantha has been asking for a long time to get her hair cut, but Tara and I have been hesitant to let her do it. We finally broke down and told her we would do it for her birthday. Well, the day to get it done finally arrived on Saturday, June 28th. Although I think we will miss her long hair (they cut 6" off!), her new haircut looks good and she seems to be very happy with it so far (which is what is most important, really).

Sam's Haircut

Samantha in the chair getting prepped. Sam getting her hair washed before the cut.
Sam after getting her hair washed. The first cuts.
A couple pictures of Sam getting her hair cut.
The piles of hair that came off her head.
Almost done! Sam after her haircut - she wasn't excited about getting her picture taken yet.


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