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    Tyler actually got to hold his birthday party on his actual birthday this year - August 17th. We held the party the day after the Dream Cruise. In addition, Tyler's cousin Veronica, who shares the same birthday, also celebrated her birthday with us.

Tyler's Birthday Party

Veronica and Tyler preparing to open their presents. Tyler reading one of his many cards. He wanted money this year to spend as he wished.
Tyler holding up his new WebKinz from Grandpa Gary & Grandma Terry. Veronica and Tyler with more of their gifts.
Tyler looking into the bag and holding up the shirt from Dwayne, Erica, Donovan, and Marissa.
Tyler reading another card. Tyler looking at the MP3 player from Grandpa Jerry & Grandma Gail.
Tyler reading another one of his cards. Tyler with one more card.
Tyler checking out the gift card from Great-Grandma. Tyler posing with his "Dream Cruise Cookie".
Tyler having "Happy Birthday" sung to him. Tyler and Veronica with their birthday candles.
Marissa, Veronica, Drew, and Samantha bouncing on the trampoline.
Another picture of Sam, Veronica, Marissa, and Drew on jumping like crazy (well, Sam is anyway).


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