Tyler's Greenfield Village Trip

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    On June 4th, Tyler's class took a trip to Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum. I was lucky enough to go along with him to enjoy the day. Unfortunately the weather wasn't the greatest as it misted most of the time we were there. We were able to hang out with Tyler's friend Hayden and his dad, Dave. Since it was their first time there, we split our time between the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.

Tyler's Greenfield Village School Trip

Hayden and Tyler by the fountain outside Greenfield Village. Tyler and Hayden by an old tractor.
A longhorn at the Firestone farm (of tire fame). Sheep and lambs inside the Firestone barn.
A ram inside the Firestone barn Tyler outside an old sawmill
Tyler by a water wheel. Tyler posing with the Oscar Mayer wiener mobile.
Hayden and Tyler with the wiener mobile. Hayden and Tyler in Rosa Parks' seat on the famous bus.
Hayden and Tyler checking out a miniature semi. A 1950's neon sign.
Tyler, Dave, and Hayden inside an old diner. An old McDonald's sign.
A Pontiac GTO on display. The Detroit News autogiro.
Tyler posing with his twin, a crash test dummy. Tyler standing in front of a snow plow for the railroad.
Tyler and Hayden inside a train engine cab. The outside of the train that the kids were in.


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