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    The second day of the basketball clinic was similar to the first session last weekend. The kids participated in various dribbling activities to warm up with; they played the "shark tank" game once again (this is where the kids have to dribble the ball until somebody knocked it out of the area or they stepped out of bounds); relay races; and one-handed shooting (to work on their form). As is the case for all of the clinic sessions, Sam's group practices first, followed by Tyler's group.

Basketball Clinic - November 14th

Jayden and Drew settled in nicely, playing on the wrestling mat with the coaches son (who is hiding behind one of the mats at the moment).

Tyler warmed up by shooting on this raised up basketball hoop.

Samantha is trying to throw the ball in the air and then catch it by putting her hands between her legs. None of the girls were able to do this drill, but Sam and a few others did manage to touch the ball on it's way down.

Sam, rocking her basketball and shoes, listening to directions on how to do her next drill.

Sam attempting to dribble between her legs.

Here Sam is practicing her long passes.

Sam is ready to receive a long pass from her partner.

Sam is getting better at shooting the one-handed set shots.

Tyler warming up with the "fingertip" drill (they are supposed to move the ball back and forth between their fingertips quickly).

Tyler working on another dribbling drill, this one between their legs.

Tyler was picked to go in to the middle circle to demonstrate how to do this particular drill.

Tyler playing the shark tank game. He did much better today, lasting quite a bit longer before being knocked out of the game.

Jayden had no fear of being hit by a ball or getting run into as she walked right past Tyler during one of his shark tank games.

Tyler working on a between the legs relay race.

Tyler taking a shot during a game of "lightning." Here the kids are to shoot, and if they miss get the rebound and make a shot before the next kid in line gets a basket, otherwise they are out. Tyler did pretty good at this game, being one of the last 3 or 4 kids out.

Tyler during the lightning game, towards the end.

One more picture of Tyler playing the lightning game.


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