Day 4

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    The fourth day of the basketball clinic took place on December 5th, after taking a week off for Thanksgiving. Tyler and Samantha both seem to be improving, so the clinics must be having a positive effect on them. Although there is officially one more session of the clinics, this was the last one for Tyler and Sam for this year as we won't be able to attend the final session on December 19th. The kids seemed to have fun participating in these clinics, so I imagine that we will sign them up once again next year.

Basketball Clinic - December 5th

Samantha working on her shooting form, using the one handed method that they learned in the first session.

Sam shooting during one of the games of "lightning" that was played. Sam made it to the final group once again today.

Another shot by Sammy during the "lightning" game.

Sam shooting another basket during a game of "lightning."

Tyler working on dribbling with both his right and left hands.

Tyler started alternating the bounce of the balls on his way back.

Tyler taking a shot during their shooting warm-up session.

Tyler firing up a shot during the boys "lightning" round. Tyler made it to the final group as well today, sinking several free throws (their first shot attempt).

Tyler shooting a layup after rebounding his earlier miss.


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