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    On Monday, July 27th, we decided to take a family bike ride on the dirt roads near our house. This seemed like a great idea as the weather was finally warm, reaching a high of 82. It did rain early in the day, and that caused the roads to be a little on the muddy side, although not enough to convince us to return home.

    Things took a turn for the worse when we left the main road for the first dirt road leg of our trip. Tyler accidently cut too closely in front of Drew and his back tire collided with Drew's front, causing Drew to fall off. He wasn't hurt, but his hands were covered in mud. Thank goodness we managed to find a little bit of water in a bottle and a clean looking rag that someone had disposed of on the side of the road to clean him up. We continued on our trek without incident until we turned onto the next road, which has a little more in the way of hills. We started cruising down one of the bigger hills, with Tara out front leading the way. I was bringing up the rear with Drew in front of me, and I watched as everyone flew down the hill. Drew picked up a little too much speed, however, and started to wobble a bit. I tried to get beside him, but couldn't in time. He went down to the left side of his bike, and hit the ground pretty hard. I tried to get to him as quickly as I could, and in the process I stopped so fast that I too fell of my bike. I picked Drew up, as he was crying pretty hard at this point (and I don't blame him), and held him for a bit to get him to calm down a little bit. Aside from being muddy, he had bit his lip and was bleeding pretty good. He also had quite a few scratches (road rash, as I like to call it) on his cheek and chest.

    After the fall, Drew rode for a while in the bike trailer with Jayden while I attempted to carry his bike and ride my own at the same time. I managed this successfully for a mile or so before my back started to give way. We bribed Drew with Twizzlers and ice cream to finish riding his bike the rest of the way home, and he did so without complaint. After getting home we all took baths and showers since we had become covered in mud from either falling or from our bike tires.

    Here are the pictures of Drew after getting a bath with his fresh 'war wounds'...

Bike Ride Results

Drew ended up with quite a few light scratches on the right side of his face and on his chest.

Another look at Drew's face.

Drew wasn't bothered too much by his fall though, retaining his good spirits.

Taken a day later, Drew's lip still showed plenty of signs of soreness from the fall.


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