August 2nd

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    Today was another early morning, as Jeff decided that the weather was going to be good enough to go fishing once again this morning. Drew went with us today, meaning that Thomas stayed home, but the rest of the fishermen were the same as yesterday.

Saginaw Bay & Bay City State Recreation Area

Thankfully, this isn't Jeff's boat. What a terrible way to end your weekend...

Tyler, Samantha, and Drew walking down the dock to the boat.

Another look at the underwater boat.

Sam, Drew, and Tyler on the boat.

A couple of the poles that we used to catch fish with.

Drew enjoying a cookie on the boat before the action picked up.

Another look at the fishing poles on Jeff's boat.

Drew, thrilled with his first fish that Jeff is holding for him.

Drew checking out Tyler's fish, which Jeff is holding once again.

Several people worked together to get the boat upright. It appeared that personal effects were being removed after it was back up.

A diver in the water was involved with getting the boat turned over.

Sam was the only one brave enough to hold her own fish (a perch), although only with rubber gloves. Jeff is holding up a couple of today's walleye's.

Another picture of Sam and Jeff with the fish.

Jeff cleaning one of the walleye's.

The catfish that Drew reeled in today on the boat. Tyler convinced Jeff to bring it home with us and clean it up.


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