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    When we finished lunch we went into the village to wander around and enjoy the nice weather on this early November afternoon. We checked out the artisan area, the Firestone farm, and the Edison laboratory complex before we ran out of time on the day. The kids seemed to enjoy the farm the most, and it does seem to be one of the more educational and interesting stops that we have made in our many visits. Tyler got a chance to run a printing press again this trip, just as he had done once before during one of our earlier stops here.

Henry Ford Museum

The weather vane atop the store outside of the Greenfield Village gates.

Samantha, Tyler, Drew, and a pouty Jayden posing in front of the water wheel inside the village.

Sam, Drew, Tyler, and a somewhat happier Jay posing for a picture in front of the water wheel.

Drew looking through his monocle and giving the old "I'm #1" finger.

Tyler looking through his finger "glasses."

An old sawmill building inside of Greenfield Village.

Tyler sitting on a log in front of another saw mill. This picture is reminiscent of this photo.

Drew taking his turn on the logs in front of the saw mill.

Sammy sitting on the logs in front of the saw mill.

Finally, Jayden took her turn sitting on the log by the saw mill.

Tyler helping out with the printing process inside the print shop.

Another picture of Tyler helping make a printed paper.

This clock has something that is rarely ever seen - days of the month around the outside.

A couple of turkeys beside the Firestone family farm house.

A look at the shocks of corn near the Firestone farm house.

Thanksgiving dinner!

A close-up look at the male turkey.

The female hen - this bird is scheduled to be Christmas dinner.

Drew and Grandma Terry checking out one of the buildings on the farm.

Drew and Tyler taking care of business in the outhouse.

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