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    Here is a selection of pictures that were taken at the Henry Ford Museum from our visit on Sunday, November 8th. The Lego Castle Adventure exhibit was my favorite spot of the day, even though I would have preferred a Lego City exhibit instead (as would have Tyler). It was interesting and impressive regardless of what was on display. Of the four kids, Drew seemed to enjoy this area the most, as it was very difficult to pry him away from the area where the kids were allowed to build things themselves. I ended up bribing him with the promise of getting our Lego's out at home, and that seemed to work this time. Next time however, all bets are off!

Lego Castle Adventure Exhibit

This replica of a ride-on horse typically found inside a Meijer store was on display in the lobby of the museum. It was on loan from the Meijer headquarters for the exhibit.

Samantha, Tyler, and Drew standing in front of the horse.

A Lego piggy bank! This was also on display in the museum lobby.

The sign over the entrance to the exhibit, welcoming us to the Lego Castle Adventure.

Sam ready to joust, being careful not to run over Jayden in the process.

Sam turning the corner to make a run to the other end.

Drew took a turn jousting as well. The costume seemed to be a little heavy for him, though.

Sam watching Jay come down the slide in a "Lego" castle.

Jay was upset after being told "no", so she found a quite spot to sit in the reading section of the exhibit.

Jay and Tyler, dressed up as a princess and a knight, sitting on the throne. A royal throne, that is.

Jay, Tyler, and Sam sitting together on the royal throne.

Another look at Jay, Ty, and Sam on the throne. The stained glass window behind them is made entirely out of translucent Lego pieces.

A 2-D portrait of the king and queen of the castle. You guessed it, it is made completely of Lego's as well.

Jay on the throne by herself, this time in a pink garment.

Tyler dressed up as a dragon - every fairytale castle has a dragon, right?

Sam, Jay, and Tyler putting their dragon costumes on.

Jay, Tyler, and Sam on the throne once again, this time dressed as dragons.

Another picture of Jayden, Tyler, and Samantha.

Jay, Tyler, and Sam on the throne, with a Lego suit of armor beside them.

A look at the suit of armor. This was a pretty impressive collection of gray Lego pieces! (Sorry about the glare...)

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