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    On Sunday, December 6th, we celebrated Jayden's third birthday with family and friends. Jay requested that we serve hot dogs and macaroni-n-cheese, which is exactly what we did. She even picked out her very own Dora the Explorer birthday cake this year as well. The best gift of them all is the fact that she finally seems to be getting the hang of this potty training thing!

    Tara was a little disappointed in herself for not having a "3" candle or any little candles for Jayden's cake, but I don't think she seemed to mind. To make up for it, we sang "Happy Birthday" to her three times so that she could blow out her candle three times. She seemed pretty happy with it.

    I have to apologize for the quality of some of these pictures. I am not sure what happened... I can only assume it is a combination of lighting and smoke from the hamburgers and hot dogs cooked in the broiler (we ran out of gas for the grill!). Try to enjoy them anyway!

Jayden's Third Birthday Party

Jayden was very excited to get a couple of new outfits from her Grandpa Gary and Grandma Terry.

Jay holding up another one of the outfits.

Jay showing off her new Tinkerbell movie, compliments of Grandpa Gary and Grandma Terry.

Jay screamed out "I got this!" very excitedly when she opened up her gift from Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Gail. She later learned that it was a "Map" play rug from Dora the Explorer.

Jay listening intently while Samantha reads a card to her.

Jayden was slightly embarrassed by all of the attention she was receiving.

Jayden opening up a Dora the Explorer doll and book set.

She had to show off her new doll and book.

Sam reading another card to Jay.

Jayden was excited about her new Tinkerbell Leapster game.

Jay got a new furniture set for her Loving Family Dollhouse from Uncle Dwayne, Aunt Erica, Donovan, and Marissa.

Jay opening up her final present, from Dad, Mom, Tyler, Sam, and Drew.

Still opening the present, Jay was under a careful watch by Sam, Grandma Terry, and Drew.

Jay was excited to see a doll of one of teenage Dora's friends.

Sam helping Jay unwrap the teenage Dora doll.

Jay had to go around and show off her new doll.

Jay was excited with all of her presents today. Here is her new teenage Dora doll and her friend.

Jayden's third birthday cake, featuring Dora the Explorer.

Jayden smiling nicely before everybody started singing to her.

Jay waiting to blow out the candles while everybody sings "Happy Birthday" to her.

Jay about to blow out the candle.


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