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    On Saturday, May 2nd, the league held their annual parade from downtown to the ball fields. Tyler and Samantha each walked with their teams, while Tara and I opted to watch from the parade route this year (as opposed to walking with them). Samantha really had fun handing candy out to the kids along the way (and she managed to save some for herself to eat at the end!).

Parade & League Pictures

Samantha during the annual baseball parade through town. She just handed out candy to Drew & Jayden.

Sam's team lined up on the field for the entire league picture. Sam is kneeling in the middle of the picture, with the pony-tail, looking to the left.

    After a really long wait after the league picture was taken, Sam's team finally managed to get their individual and team pictures taken. Once they were done with their picture duties they got to have their lunch - hot dogs, chips, pop, and ice cream compliments of the league. Thankfully they finished just in time to start their game at 1:15pm. Unfortunately, after a strong start, they ended up losing on a controversial play. In the coach-pitch league players are supposed to stop running the bases as soon as the opposition touches the ball. It seems that the Bars Leak team may or may not have sent a player from third base to home (to score the winning run) despite somebody on our team touching the ball already. It was a close play, and our coach decided not to argue too strongly, so I guess there is nothing that we can complain about. The end result was a 20-19 loss. Sam did have a good day in defeat, however, as she got four hits in her five trips into the batters box. We were very proud of her effort today.

Game 1 @ Bars Leaks

Samantha's teammate Ben at bat.

Sam at the bat, waiting for the pitch.

Sam getting her first hit.

Sam waiting on first base after her first hit of the day.

Taren, another of Sam's teammates at bat.

Taren also got to play catcher today.

Sammy looking at something while playing in the outfield.

Another on of Sam's at-bats.

Another hit for Sam.

One more of Sam's hits.


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