Game 10

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    This was another one of "those games" for the home team. The kids had one really good inning while batting, going through the whole order. The rest of the innings involved some short rallies and a lot of strikeouts, as well as some good fielding by the other team. Samantha struck out in her first at bat, but got a couple of base hits along with a nice pop fly that was caught by one of the kids on the other team for an out. Against most teams it would have been a hit. Sam also saw her fair share of action in the field, and came very close to getting the runners out, but the throw always seemed to be just a tad late or the ball was dropped by whomever she was throwing to. The result of all of this action was a 17-10 loss.

Game 10 @ Holly Foods

Samantha getting her first hit of the day.

Sam on first base, ready to run.

Sam running as fast as she can into third base.

Sam playing in the outfield.

Sam in the outfield again.

Sam hitting the ball in the air to be caught by the first baseman for an out.

Sam heading to the ball after a hit.

Sam fielding the ball near the foul line, too late to get an out.

Sam picking up another hit while playing pitcher.

Sam throwing the ball to home, hoping to get a force-out.


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