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    Sometimes there are games that are just hard to watch. Tonight was one of those games. The opposition was just clearly better than us - in batting, in fielding (they actually stood up when they fielded the ball), in just about everything. Even when we did make a positive play, it just went bad right after - for example, fielding a ground ball and attempting to throw the runner out, but nobody bothering to cover the base... Playing like this resulted in another loss, this time a 17-11 score that actually seemed like it should have been much worse.

    On a personal note, Samantha had a pretty decent night. She struck out in her first at-bat, but had two solid hits in her next attempts. She struck out once more in her last at-bat, but I cannot totally fault her for that. At this level the kids either get a hit or if after 7 pitches without a hit they are out. Sam fouled off a couple of pitches and watched a couple go by, so she had to swing at pitch #7. Unfortunately for her it was high and she missed. She also made a couple of nice plays in the field, but as previously mentioned there was either nobody to throw the ball to or she was just a tad late with her throw.

Game 12 vs. Delta Staffing

Samantha started out the game playing third base.

She stopped this ball but had a little difficulty getting it picked up in time to make the throw to first base.

Sam played in the "outfield" for a short while. Most of the time the outfielders play just off the infield dirt.

Sam standing on first base after her first hit of the game.

Sam running to second base when a teammate hit the ball.

Sammy also got to play first base tonight, here she is covering the bag, waiting for a throw that never made it to her.

Sam fouled off several pitches during today's game.

Here she is hitting another foul ball.

Finally she connected for her second hit of the game.

Here she is later in the game running to third base on a teammates hit.


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