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    Have you ever noticed that controversy just seems to follow some people around? Tonight that controversy surrounded the opposing coach (who we have had issues with for a couple of years now). A close play at second base involving one of their runners being called out resulted in an argument with our coach, a call to the league commissioner (for a coach-pitch baseball league with no umpires, for cripes sake!), and later blaming the argument on another parent. To top it all off, one of the parents of a child on her team was arguing with her during the game. Fun, fun, fun.

    Sam had a fairly decent night tonight. She had a couple of singles to start with, but struck out in her last at-bat. She didn't really see much action in the way of fielding tonight - she had to back up first base and stopped a couple of balls that got by there, but that was pretty much it. Despite the score not showing it, the whole team actually seemed like they played better today. We gave up some big hits (the other team had 3 or 4 doubles today, we have a total of 2 - for the entire season), which didn't help our cause, but the rest of the game was well played. Unfortunately, it didn't result in a "W", as the final score showed a 13-10 loss for us.

Game 13 @ Dairy Queen Chill & Grill

Samantha got a hit in her first at-bat tonight.

Sam on first base, ready to run at the crack of the bat.

Sam ready to hit as the ball approaches.

Here she is, about to make contact with the ball.

Sam hit this one for her second hit of the night, one that may have been able to be stretched into a double.

Here she is moments later on second base.

Sam came around to score a run in that inning.

Here Sam is showing off the weird follow-through that she picked up this year.

Sam didn't see much action in the field today, which is obvious by the excitement in her face.


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