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    I only got to see bits and pieces of Samantha's game tonight (due to the fact that Tyler's team had a makeup game scheduled for the same day and time), so I can't really report on too many of the happenings. I did see her bat a couple of times, however. I know she had at least two hits - and a strikeout in her first at bat. She also came around to score a run on more than one occasion. The best part of tonight's game was that they won, 8-6. That hasn't happened too often for this team, so they were all pretty excited after the game.

Game 14 vs. Bars Leaks

Samantha played first base for part of the game today. She also spent some time in the outfield as well as catching.

Sammy swinging at a pitch early in the game.

Sam got a base hit on this pitch from Coach Jason.

Sam on first base, ready to run.

Sam getting another hit later in the game.

Sam running home to score a run in the final inning.

    As you can probably guess from the record, this season was a tough one for Sam's team. She played well enough for most of the season to just miss making the all-star game. She was pretty disappointed by this, and is hoping to be named to the team next year. She did have some games where her hitting just wasn't there, and this is probably what hurt her most. Her fielding and throwing continue to improve, but like most of the kids on the team there is room for improvement here too. She hasn't officially said so, but since she was bummed out that this season was over I am assuming that she will be back playing again next year. Hopefully we can get her to attend some of the training sessions that the league holds over the winter to improve upon her all-around game. Then, next spring, she can tear the league up!

    Congrats Sam on a great season!


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