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    Tuesdays are going to be a little busy for our family. Both Samantha and Tyler have ball games at the same time, and of course they aren't located near each other. Since Tara keeps score for Sam's team, she gets to watch that game while I go off to watch Tyler's team play. That means that I probably won't be getting much information to pass along about Sam's games. Hopefully, with some help, we will be able to keep getting pictures.

    Here is what I know about the game - it was a total blowout, and the good guys were on the short end of the stick. The team ended up losing 30-4 overall, but that won't be the official score due to mercy rules. Tara wasn't thrilled with the opposition's pitching method (standing very close to the batter to lob in pitches, making it much easier for the kids to hit), which probably led to a lot of runs for their team. Our coaches, meanwhile, pitch from a more standard distance and throw overhand (most of the time), which will help the kids out more when the move up to the next level. Sam apparently didn't have a great game batting today, nor in the field. Hopefully Thursday's game will be better.

Game 2 vs. Jewell Tile

Samantha was able to play catcher during tonight's game.

Sammy returning to the bench at the end of an inning.

Sam taking a swing during an early at-bat.

Sam getting ready for another turn at-bat.

Sam playing second base.

Sam playing third base.

Sam chasing after a ball hit on her side of the field.

Sam taking another swing later in the game.


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