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    I am not really sure what went wrong during the last game, but the team looked really good tonight. The hitting was strong, and the fielding was solid. Samantha had a strong game at the plate, getting a hit in each at bat. She let a couple balls get by that were in her area while playing the field, but they weren't plays that many of the other kids could have made either. It was the team defense that saved them from allowing an opposition rally, however. Twice the batter was out at first base on hits along the first base line, and the final out was on a pop-fly that was caught by our third baseman (and friend) Ben. Tonight's final score was a well earned 14-11 victory for the Rice's Garden Ornament team.

Game 3 @ Holly Chiropractic

Samantha during her first at-bat.

Sam on second base after her first hit of the game.

Sam on third base talking to her head coach, Coach Ian.

Sam hustling home to score a run.

Sammy playing shortstop.

Sam trying to get to a ball hit to her left.

Sammy talking to the family between innings.

Sam during another at-bat.

Sammy getting another hit.

Sam running to second base.

Sam playing the "outfield" during the game (obviously a little bored, blowing bubbles and all).

Sam getting yet another hit.

A close-up of Sam on first base.


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