Game 4

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    I personally only caught some of Samantha's game this evening (due to the previously mentioned conflict on Tuesdays... since Tara keeps score for Sam's team she gets to watch that one while I watch Tyler), so I don't have a great description of the game to give you, nor many pictures (Tara tries, but it is hard when the game is underway to take pictures and keep score). I was told that the team played a good game tonight, but was simply beat by a slightly better team. Sometimes these things happen and there aren't good reasons for them. Sam had a couple of hits during the game, but also struck out in the final inning. Hopefully the kids can get on a roll and win several of their next games.

Game 4 vs. Holly Foods

Samantha rearranging the dirt around home plate during one of her at-bats.

Sam got a chance to play pitcher during tonight's game.

A swing and a miss... this at-bat included several foul-tips as well.

Another miss from Sam. This was her strikeout in the final inning mentioned above.


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