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    I have to admit, after watching the behavior of Samantha's team during games this season, that I am really ready for her to move on to the next level. Tyler's team is much more composed (on the field some, but especially on the bench) and they follow directions better. I could blame the coaching for allowing this to happen, but his previous teams were not this way. Sitting in the along the foul line for the game and listening to parents and siblings, I think we just got a group of kids with behavior issues.

    As for the game itself, there isn't much positive to write about it. The other team appeared to be older (I later learned that they had at least one, maybe more, fourth graders on their team - that means 9 or 10 years old instead of the usual 6, 7, or 8), so their fielding and hitting were better than ours. Sam did manage to go 2 for 3, with a strikeout as her only negative. As always with her age group, she played multiple positions during the course of the action - including a couple innings at first as well as some outfield positions. The score wasn't as good, as they lost 17-6.

Game 5 vs. Uncle Ray's Dairyland

Samantha started out the game playing first base. Notice her great "ready position" for fielding the ball.

Sam taking a swing in her first at-bat, her only strikeout of the night.

Sam has a good swing when she focuses and keeps her eye on the ball.

Sam eyeing her friend and classmate Shelby on first base.

Sam made good contact in her second at-bat. This hit should have been her first double of the season, but the runner ahead of her stopped on second base instead of continuing on to third.

Sam was pretty excited with her hit.

Here Sam is running to second on another hit, looking at her base coach for direction (stop, or keep running).

Sam standing on second base, waiting for play to resume.

Sam also had a hit in her third at-bat.


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