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    Tonight's game was infinitely more watchable than the last one. Even though they lost, the kids were much more focused on the game action and they flat-out just played better. If they keep improving, they will get a few more wins before this is all said and done. The game was pretty close until the last at bat for the bad guys, and the final score ended up being a 16-9 loss.

    As for Samantha - she had a pretty decent game. She struck out in her first at-bat, but got hits in the remainder of her chances. She fielded a couple of grounders while playing pitcher late in the game, and almost threw a batter out at first base. She did manage to throw home to get a runner out there, and she was mighty excited about that. I wish I could have been quicker with the camera and caught her reaction - arms up, jumping for joy. It was priceless.

Game 6 @ Delta Staffing

Samantha taking a big swing during her first at-bat.

Sam got to play shortstop to start the game, but didn't see any action.

Sam getting a big hit in her second at-bat.

With the bright sun shining her way, Sam had to shield her eyes to see the batter swing while on first base.

Sam describing the most recent play to her base coach.

Sam at short once again.

Sam connecting with a pitch for another nice hit later in the game.

Sam running to second base, where she was safe.

Sam standing at the plate, ready to bat once again.

Sam on first base after yet another hit.

Sam safely running to second base once again.

Sam laughing at herself at fielding the ball while playing pitcher and throwing home to the catcher for an out. A great play!


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