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    I must say, Samantha's baseball games can be difficult to watch at times. The opposing coaches continue to lob in pitches from close range, allowing the runs to run up like crazy. We still pitch from an appropriate distance, and although our kids do all right while batting we don't have the same kind of success as the opposition. Sammy had a pretty good game tonight, racking up a couple more hits as well as tagging a runner out while playing in the infield. She continues her strong play this season. Next year she should be tearing the league up!

Game 7 vs. Dairy Queen Chill & Grill

Samantha playing in the outfield to start the game.

Sammy making a nice a throw to the infield.

Sam getting her first hit of the day.

Sam on first base after her hit.

Sammy on second base, looking at her coach for the sign to run.

Sam playing third base, obviously a little bored, and blowing bubbles.

Sam on third base again. Nice ready stance, Sam.

Better stance Sam!


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