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    I was unable to attend tonight's baseball game, so I do not have a lot of details to provide you. I do know that Samantha had several hits tonight, including one that almost hit her coach! In addition, the team must have played better tonight as well as they won the game 20-15.

    Thank you to my Mom for taking the pictures of tonight's game.

Game 9 vs. Holly Chiropractic

Samantha hitting a ball down the first base line, just foul.

Sammy got a hit on the drive up the middle.

Sam running hard to come home and score a run.

Coach Jason giving Sam some advice before she lead off an inning.

Sam talking to Coach Ian before the start of the inning.

Sam taking a pitch (that looks like it is right down the middle of the plate).

Sam getting ready to swing at the pitch coming to her...

...and driving it right back at her coach. Good thing he has quick reflexes.


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