Game 1

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    On Saturday, September 12th, Samantha's soccer team officially kicked off their fall season of soccer. Her team came away with a hard fought 5-4 victory this afternoon. Samantha didn't score today, but she played fairly well. You could tell that the larger field that she plays on this season will take some getting used to. Speaking of the larger field - it makes it a little more difficult for me to take pictures on, so I will do the best that I can. Please enjoy the ones that I do manage to get. Just a reminder... Sam wears number 13 this year.

Game 1

Samantha just missed getting to the ball before the goalie was able to grab it.

Sammy running to the ball in the open field.

Sam doing a throw in from an out-of-bounds play.

Samantha blocking a pass on defense.

After a hard fought game, Sam was pretty wore out as the larger field size caught up with her.


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