Game 2

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    Samantha's soccer team had their only weeknight game of the season on Thursday, September 17th. I was unable to attend do to football coaching obligations, but from what I was told it was a good game. Sam was kind of disappointed that she didn't score a goal, but we reminded her to keep working hard and good things would come her way. It's just a matter of time - it is only the second game this year! A special thanks goes to Tara for managing to take pictures and put up with the whiney little two at the same time. Love you, dear! Just a reminder... Sam wears number 13 this year.

Game 2

Samantha relaxing a bit during a break in the game action.

Sam lining up with her teammates for the restart of play.

Sam running to the ball.

Samantha and a teammate chasing down the ball.

Another photo of Sam going after the ball.

Sam pumping her fist after another of her team's goals.


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