Game 5

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    This morning marked the first of three consecutive weekends of overlapping games for Samantha's soccer and football teams. Since her football game started a half hour before her soccer game, she ended up missing the first quarter today. We had originally planned for Sam to miss the entire first half, but her coach requested her strong defensive presence on the field (the other team had a player that gave us fits last year - they did a good job of slowing her down today, though). Because of this request we ended up leaving the flag football game at halftime. We didn't miss any goals while we were gone, though. Her team went on to win the game 4-2. Here is one more reminder that Sam wears #13 on the soccer field.

Game 5

Samantha performing a throw-in from the sideline.

Sam trying to take the ball away from an opposing player.

Sam chasing after the ball while playing defense.

Sam going after the ball once again.


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