Game 8

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    Today was Samantha's final soccer game of the fall season, and she played another good one. She was aggressive once again, carrying over her play from the last few games. She didn't end up scoring today, although she could have tapped the ball into the net on one occasion (it went in anyway, so she would have been stealing a goal away from a teammate had she done so). The girls ended their season on a strong note, winning today's game 4-0. It will be interesting to see what this team can do in the spring season, assuming that all of the girls return. According to my records, they went 7-1 this season, outscoring their opponents 33-12 over the course of the season. For the final time this year, Sammy wears #13.

Game 8

Samantha lined up on her side of the field, ready for a defensive play.

Sam kicked this ball back to the offensive side of the field.

Sam getting ready for a big kick while playing defense.

Sam has good follow through on her kicks!

Sammy prepared to do a throw-in from the sideline.

Sam kicking the ball away from an opponent.


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