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    Samantha's grade had their field day activities on Friday, May 22nd. Her classroom was divided into three groups: red, white, and blue. Sam was on the red team this year. Drew, Jayden, and I attended (Tara was stuck at work during her "busy season") along with Grandma Terry and Marissa. Tyler was selected to help out the younger grades at the basketball activity. Samantha did pretty well at most of the events, even coming in first in the limbo contest (in a three-way tie). Her team had some successes as well, and she had fun - that is the most important thing, anyway. Enjoy the pictures!

Samantha's School Field Day

Tyler was selected to help out with the field day, giving directions to the kids at the basketball event. Here he is shooting baskets while waiting for the field day to begin.

Drew walking on the balance beam on the playground.

Samantha running during the relay race against her friend Haley (in blue).

Sam's class ran the relay race twice for some reason. Here she is taking a handoff from her teammate.

Sam hauling tail during the relay race. Her team had a lengthy lead during both races, but their last two runners were a little on the slow side.

Tyler giving directions to Sammy's team during the basketball event.

Tyler giving the ball to Sam for her chance at a shot. It looks as if he is playing defense on her in the picture, but it didn't really appear that way in real life. Tyler's job was to chase down rebounds and give the kids the ball to see how many baskets they could make in 60 seconds. Sam's team tied for first in this event.

Sam climbing into the sack for the sack race.

Sam hopping her way along the course.

Sam coming to the cone to turn around and go back to the beginning.

Sam almost to the finish line...

Sam pulling on the rope during the tug-of-war event.

Sam doing the limbo. She tied for first in this event! Last year she fell down early in the contest.

Sam dribbling the soccer ball during this race.

Sam quickly walking with the golf ball balanced in the spoon. She dropped the ball while trying to make the turn, but otherwise did well.

Sam with the golf ball once again.

Sam chasing down her teammate during the 50-yard dash. She finished third on her team color's run.

This event required the kids to run to one end and fill a cup with water and then return to dump it into a container. Once a team filled their container to the line, they won. Here Sam is taking off to get her cup filled.

Sam got her cup of water, covered it with her hand, and ran back to dump it into their container.

Jayden playing on the playground equipment after the conclusion of 2009's field day.


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